Turn your PC into a Virtual Flight Instructor!

Get expert instruction, real-time feedback, and objective scoring based on FAA standards. Our Virtual Flight Instructor sits in the sim with you, just like an instructor in a real airplane.

  • Student pilots - Master real-world flying skills saving time and money.
  • Sim enthusiasts - Take your simulation to the next level and fly like a pilot.
  • Educators - Advance aviation with guided interactive simulation that’s fun!

Buy the Early Access version of TakeFlight Academy now and join our growing Early Access community.

TakeFlight Academy Early Access is compatible with:

** Early Access means you may encounter some bugs and missing features. We encourage you to provide feedback to help shape the platform. Email us at support@takeflightinteractive.com for more information.

Note: This Software in no way replaces traditional flight instruction and is not to be considered or certified for the training of any person for the operation of any aircraft.